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We both live at Simpsons Gap in the West Macdonnell National Park, Central Australia, the best spot in the NT! Our blog is for friends and family to see how we are going, and to share in what we have been up to throughout the year. Please leave us a comment, and we hope you enjoy!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy dogs
Happy gardener
Not so happy bovine
Hi there everyone, just an update on the old blog for you. Kylie is doing very well - on Sunday she will be 23 weeks, so we are getting there slowly. Kylie's mum, Sue, is staying with us at the moment. It is a good chance to catch up before chaos hits our quiet little lives in a few months time. By the way, the book I quoted from in the last post was intended to be funny. Apologies to anyone without a sense of humour (ie: my brother Dave!). The dogs (our first and most important children) are doing well and are looking forward to meeting the new baby, or maybe they saw the photo above of all that lovely cow meat. You don't need to buy expensive meat at the supermarket when you have fresh meat right in front of your eyes (or .308 scope, whatever the case may be...). Also, Kylie has made me put a photo of my vegetable garden triumph!!! How big are those zucchinis?? Talk to you all later, Phil & Kylie.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Kylie - 19 weeks

Kylie - 21 weeks

Parks & Wildlife high level meeting

All is going well with Kylie and the baby - as you can see she is starting to show pretty well now. We are playing the waiting game from here on out, and I am trying to read up on what my role (the dad!) will be throughout this whole event (hopefully not passing out or anthying like that). Here is some advise I have been reading on what not to say during labour:

Wow, look at all that blood!
Boy! I'm glad I'm not you right now!
Can you be a bit more quiet? You're embarrassing me
Did you turn the stove off?
Hey, is that supposed to happen?

I think I would be a dead man if I utter anything of that nature - and fair enough too! Apologies for the lateness of photos, our blog was experiencing some technical difficulties (ie: it wasn't working). In other news, I have just got back from a work trip to Katherine which was lots of fun - and hard work.... See above for a picture of my serious work colleauges at the classic road side stop, mmmmmmm. Talk to everyone soon, Phil, Kylie, Harry & Lucy

Monday, March 03, 2008

Our first baby photos

Well I know that this isn't everyones cup of tea but here are some photos of our ultrasound. Phil was 10x better than me at seeing the different bits and pieces!

This is the baby's hand and forearm

This is a profile shot of the baby (head/face and shoulders)