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We both live at Simpsons Gap in the West Macdonnell National Park, Central Australia, the best spot in the NT! Our blog is for friends and family to see how we are going, and to share in what we have been up to throughout the year. Please leave us a comment, and we hope you enjoy!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Keeping the family happy

More pics of Abbey to keep the family up to date. Just imagine when there was no internet or digital cameras!! She is 'shuffling' forward these days - not quite crawling but very close. Kylie goes back to work in a few weeks so Abbey will spend a few days a week in childcare. I'm sure she will have heaps of fun - Abbey, not Kylie that is. Pics below are: 1. Beating the heat at the pool. 2. How much fun is the bath? 3. Mmmm...I think I'll wear the pink suit after my bath. 4. In her Sunday best.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Above: One of our resident Goannas
Below: Abbey in her jolly jumper thingy

Above: Phil & Abbey at the Gap taking advantage of a cool change
Below: Abbey eating a coaster - her first attempt at eating a non-food product - in this case, cork from the bottom of the coaster

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Abba dabba doo - 6 months old

Hi all, just thought I would add a photo of Abbey sitting up (her new favourite trick) and showing her two little toofy pegs (which are very sharp I can tell you from experience.... SO glad not to be breastfeeding anymore!) I think she is the cutest baby in the ENTIRE WORLD... Hmmm does that sound biased? Naaa.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Above: Looking south from Simpsons Gap
Above: the range east of Simpsons Gap
Below: Abbey in denim

Well we are all home now from our holiday - it is hot and humid (great), but not 45 like Adelaide! The country looks fantastic after all the rain so I thought I better show everyone + we can't have all the photos of Abbey can we?? Speaking of, she is now 6 months old - which she has marked by a very needy phase (ie: lots of crying if left unattended) but we still think that she is a little rippa. Her front chompers are getting bigger and she is eating solids really well - not long before she can have a steak I reckon! I just booked flights to Melbourne in June to see the mighty Demons destroy Collingwood at the MCG - can't wait already.