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We both live at Simpsons Gap in the West Macdonnell National Park, Central Australia, the best spot in the NT! Our blog is for friends and family to see how we are going, and to share in what we have been up to throughout the year. Please leave us a comment, and we hope you enjoy!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Owen Springs Wildlife

As our favourite Aussie adventurer would say, 'Australia is as vast as it is large', which incidentaly has nothing to do with this current blog. In my travels however, I have come across a few animals of interest on the Reserve (see below). The lizard is a Perentie - largest lizard in Oz, while the little mammal is a Dunnart (this particular guy is relatively uncommon around here). So, thanks for watching, and I'll see you, on another all Aussie adventure......

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Harry impersonating a lamp shade

In a sad development in the life of Harry 'Bitey' Cowan, Harry left a small piece of himself behind at the vet on Monday (2 small pieces actually). He now walks around doing his best lampshade/spacedog impression, looking every bit the shattered shadow of a once proud, virile young dog. Enough to make you weep......except that it really hasn't changed his pyscho puppy enthusiasm one little bit. At least he can't run off with the Dingoes that would have resulted in a litter of crazy mongrel biting hydrid Dingo X Camp dog puppies! We love our little Harry.