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We both live at Simpsons Gap in the West Macdonnell National Park, Central Australia, the best spot in the NT! Our blog is for friends and family to see how we are going, and to share in what we have been up to throughout the year. Please leave us a comment, and we hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Crikey, take a look at that little beauty!

Below is a photo of Kylie handling a LIVE SNAKE!!!!!!* It is a Mulga Snake, which is very dangerous and could kill if mad enough . Luckily Kylie is a trained professional, or she may have been biten. Harry alerted us to his presence last night and he ended up right next to the front door, just a little unsettling. *The snake was actually dead, killed by an unknown guy with a large brick (mean bugger).

Here are some more random pics for your enjoyment and entertainment...

More kids deep in concentration

Harry again...

Monday, November 13, 2006

Moving in, kids, and of course, more of Harry

All our stuff is finally here at Owen Springs, and we have unpacked everything. It now actually feels like our home, rather than just a place to sleep! I've put in a few photos for those that visited the house before, just to show the changes. I've also included some pics of the kids that Kylie helps 'look after' at church, they are pretty funny and make a great subject to take photos of. Harry is a media junkie, he now has his own agent we have to go through to get a photo of him published.
The lounge (above) & the shed (below)
Kids church (below)

We can't publish a blog without Harry getting a run...