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Sunday, May 11, 2008

30 weeks and counting down

Well we're nearly into the single figure count down. Pretty amazing how quickly the time is passing at the moment... I hope the baby doesn't come early because I have way too much work to do! (at work and at home).

Everything is going pretty smoothly apart from my nasty cold. The baby is starting to kick harder and watching my stomach move around is like watching..... hmmm not really sure how to describe it but I guess it's like watching another human moving around on your insides funnily enough :) Freaky stuff. Such a miracle though.

My sister Stacey's first baby was born at 32 weeks! Hopefully ours waits a bit longer, although some days we're so excited that we'd like to meet it (her for all of you who haven't been told!) straight away.

Antenatal class all day on Saturday which will be a bit of an eye opener for both Phil and I to say the least.